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Make Decisions Like Google Using Social Technology

AnonymousBy Josh Schow 9 years ago
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In a widely-shared article that made its way to the top of LinkedIn Today, enterprise performance author Bernard Marr argues that “the most successful companies today make decisions not on beliefs or gut-feel but mainly on facts and data-driven insights.” This quote sounds eerily familiar.

An executive at a Fortune 500 company, when responding to an Operations Lens diagnostic in the 9Lenses “Business 360” said almost the same thing:“Our culture is that we want to make a decision and move to execute. We never study the problem, leading to debates based on belief not fact.”

So here it is: Google is notorious for hiring smart, talented, and credentialed people. Why all the hubbub about listening, then? Could it be that making decisions on fact, rather than belief, is a smart way to do business? Obviously. But is it a possible way of doing business for the rest of us? It is now. Social technology and good data management can be combined to reveal actionable insights across your company. This is the strategy recommended by 4-time CEO Edwin Miller in Insight to Action:A Social Approach to Business Optimization, which proposes a framework for leadership clarity that is only possible by with today’s social technology.

Can you imagine this world?

Instead of paying a consultant for discovery, you collect unfiltered insight from all stakeholders on any business problem or the business as a whole. You might still need the consultant, post discovery phase, but chances are that your people told you how to improve. Instead of collecting unstructured noise like Yammer, your “top challenges” and “biggest strengths” are immediately clear across all 9Lenses. Someone three floors down that knows you are about to lose a contract; another employee is thinking of suing; a manager is thinking of leaving; a customer is upset—you gave this person a voice. Every year, quarter, or month you see upticks and downticks across your organization, benchmark it against other companies, and diagnose organizational health on an ongoing basis.

That world is here now and social technology helps us keep up. Start making decisions like Google.

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