Automate Your
Talent Assessments.

Skills & Competency Assessments

Employees will not succeed in a role if they do not possess the right skills and competency. 9Lenses can scale and operationalize your job competency and leadership models to ensure employees are setup for success.

Candidate Experience Assessments

Companies are working to deliver positive candidate experiences however few companies collect data & measure candidate’s perspectives. 9Lenses can power candidate experience assessments that integrate with your ATS and automatically report performance to recruiting managers globally.

Multi-rater / 360 Assessments

Professional development starts with understanding performance from those around you. 9Lenses can incorporate your corporate values, attributes, and culture into 180 / 360 degree assessments and automate benchmarks across the organization.

Employee Engagement

Enabling employees to do their best work is critical in today’s competitive, rapidly changing environment. 9Lenses can accelerate employee engagement initiatives by automating insights & analytics by provising role & segmentation based dashboards for every leader — all configured to your organization’s values, content, and organizational structure. 9Lenses has the team to program manage this complex initiative for clients seeking a turn key delivery.

Executive On-boarding Assessments

New leaders are inclined to make decisions quickly but are least equipped – putting them and their organization at risk. 9Lenses can operationalize executive on-boarding to help leaders rapidly understand their organization so they can make strategies & decisions with confidence.

Exit Interviews

Departing employees have rich insights that can shape the talent strategy and employee experience. 9Lenses can help you implement an exit interview capability to retain your top talent.

Pre-hire & Selection Assessments

Companies invest heavily to recruit and hire so it is imperative the selected candidate will thrive today and grow. 9Lenses can turn your selection assessments into scalable, data-powered capabilities that guide hiring managers.

Change Management

Change is happening rapidly in today’s digital world but it doesn’t make it any easier. 9Lenses can scale your change management and readiness assessments and will give you the data & insights needed to navigate today’s climate.


Digital Transformation

See how 9Lenses helped a top tier consulting firm digitize their operations so that they could differentiate their offering and win new business.

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People Analytics

Practice What You Consult

Learn how embracing a digital consulting approach drives the way the entire business operates, even if that business relies primarily on human capital.

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Asset-Based Consulting Ebook

Productize Your Consulting

Learn how asset-based consulting can help your firm differentiate from competition, increase speed and ROI, and achieve better consistency and repeatability.

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