Chris Sawwa

Advisory Board
Location:Tysons Corner, VA

Chris gets most of his professional satisfaction from building distributed and multinational software development teams and leading them to deliver outstanding designs, products and service. He is an experienced technology executive and entrepreneur developing software systems since High School when he first hacked into his Atari 800 to copy games – by entering 22 byte program directly into memory, which led to hist first startup.

His passion for computers has taken him through Computer Science / AI major in college all the way to founding or co-founding several more technology startups and later on joining some of the coolest companies in financial analysis, E-learning and modeling. Having insatiable appetite for innovation he has also been participating in bleeding edge web standards development efforts.

Chris Sawwa has developed software in 15+ different programming languages on more than 10 different platforms and relishes constantly improving Product Design and Development processes to bring them closer to an optimized model of efficiency.

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