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Teamsourcing for Successful Strategic Execution [SlideShare]

AnonymousBy Amrita Puniani 7 years ago
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Ever wondered what the secret sauce for successful strategic execution is? We are here to tell you that unique and actionable insights from people who are actually responsible for execution is exactly what you need for strategic execution. Without involving the “doers,” any strategy or high-level goals can easily get lost in translation! While crowdsourcing is a great way to harness the power of the collective insights of outsiders, teamsourcing harnesses the power of collective insights from insiders, people in the know, the people who actually are responsible of strategy execution.

Formulating strategy, ensuring implementation, identifying solutions and course correction are the core steps in executing strategy. However, teamsourcing insights during all these steps can ensure that communication gaps, unnecessary iterations, and futile efforts are minimized.

Take a look at this SlideShare to discover how teamsourcing is the key ingredient in the recipe for the secret sauce for successful strategy!

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