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Top B2B Sales Podcasts

AnonymousBy Jarrell Chalmers 3 weeks ago
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Sales reps and marketers should always be on the lookout and on the listen for podcasts to get invested in. B2B sales and marketing podcasts are out there that range from 10 to 90 minutes long so there’s something for any break you need to take, of any length.

If you’re interested in investing your time in the best B2B marketing podcasts out there, here’s 8 of our favorites.

1. The Revenue Hustle

The Revenue Hustle focuses on revenue targets in a tactical way. B2B marketers know the hustle – even the biggest success in the previous quarter is wiped away as soon as the next one starts. This podcast brings in big names to give their listeners tactical strategies for success in their own hustle.

For example, in the last broadcast, they were joined by Cody Ward, who is the Senior Director of Demand Generation at Conexiom.

2. The Customer Experience

The Customer Experience (CX) Podcast focuses on practical tips for B2B sales reps and marketers. They emphasize bringing in authors, thought leaders, and other industry influencers to make their podcast as useful as possible. And Ethan Beute is an amazing host.

3. The SaaS Marketing Show

The SaaS Marketing Show is all about case studies and success stories. They don’t generate opinions or strategies – instead, they compile what’s already worked for big industry names and present them to you in an actionable way.

Host Dylan Hey is all about tactics on this podcast, using what’s worked before to give you the way forward in your own business.

4. Revenue Champions

We like supporting up-and-comers in lists like this. Revenue Champions by Cognism is only a year old, but it brings big-names in B2B sales to bear on a success-focused podcast.

From what we’ve heard, hosts Alice de Courcy and Jonathon Ilett have what it takes to keep this up for a long time.

5. B2B Growth

One of the cool things about B2B Growth is that their podcasts can run as short as 15 minutes. So no matter how short your break, you can give their B2B and account-based marketing strategies a listen.

6. B2B Lead Gen Podcast

B2B marketers know the struggle of generating quality leads, which is the focus of the B2B Lead Gen Podcast. Host Eric Schwartzman, a digital marketing consultant in LA, shows how to target the right customers, keep KPIs in focus, and use the right judgment to generate leads to scale.

7. Sam’s Business Growth Show

Sam Dunning co-owns and directs sales at Web Choice. In this podcast’s 80+ episodes to date, he presents tips on marketing fundamentals, advanced sales strategies, lead gen, metric research, and more.

8. The Data-Driven Marketer

In the quest to put analytics everywhere in modern business, modern sales reps need to know how insights in technology lead to results in consumer leads. The data-obsessed host of The Data-Driven Marketer, Allen Pogorzelki, goes over your business’s tech stack, experimentation methods, and more to help you bring better data-driven marketing to your business.

The Takeaway

The best B2B sales podcasts make expertise accessible. Some rely on case studies while others use their hosts’ and guests’ industry experience to define new tactics. However they slice it, your business can benefit from listening in on what the best in the industry have said about their own marketing experiences. These podcasts may only be an investment of an hour (or less), but they can provide actionable ideas that last a business’s lifetime.

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