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Top 10 B2B Marketing Books You Should Read

AnonymousBy Jarrell Chalmers 1 year ago
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What makes an ordinary B2B marketer become a great B2B marketer? We have a one-word answer for your question. It’s an activity many people despise – Reading. Knowledge is power!

To help you sharpen your B2B marketing chops, check out this list we’ve curated on some of the best B2B marketing books out there. 

1. Marketing Automation Unleashed by Casey Cheshire.

‘Marketing Automation Unleashed:The Strategic Path For B2B Growth’ is a complete marketers’ manual to all things automated. Written by Casey Cheshire, the book is of utmost importance for B2B marketers who have to deal with marketing automation.

2. B2B Digital Marketing Strategy by Simon Hall.

Having trouble finding leads? This book will help. It is a go-to resource that will help marketers take on the everyday challenges of B2B marketing, especially when it comes to lead generation, customer retention, and improving the overall customer experience.

3. The CEO’s Digital Marketing Playbook by Thomas J Donohoe.

‘The CEO’s Digital Marketing Playbook’ is a definitive crash course and battleplan for B2B and high-value B2C customer generation. The book is mainly written for CEO, CMO, and other C-level executives. The tactics laid out in the book will help them become better at risk management and embracing the challenges B2B marketing brings along itself.

4. Power Up Your B2B Branding by Rob Dalton.

This is an  insightful book that deep dives into the psychology of a B2B marketing professional. It covers what goes on internally when a B2B Marketer is making a decision. A book like this definitely helps coming up with copy!

5. This Won’t Scale by Dave Gerhardt, Daniel J. Murphy, Gail Axelrod, and Mike Volpe.

The book aims at redefining the traditional marketing methodologies especially related to brand building and PR. It is all about taking an unorthodox marketing approach that will go on to question the traditional views you have regarding scaling and tracking your B2B marketing campaigns.

6. Getting Started with Demand Generation by Matt Berringer

In this book, Matt Berringer aims to add value to the readers by documenting his marketing success with different startups and many fortune 500 companies. 

7. ABM is B2B by Sangram Vajre.

The signature Framework that this book will introduce you to is called ‘TEAM’. TEAM stands for Target, Engage, Activate, and Measure. 

8. B2B Word of Mouth Marketing by Ted Wright

‘B2B Word-of-Mouth Marketing:The Workbook’, is a guide to word-of-mouth marketing which is often described as one of the most influential ways to connect with customers.

Ted Wright, the author of the book has coupled the lessons with practical exercises that will help you learn and apply the basics of the word of mouth marketing for your B2B business.

9. Grassroots Strategy by Jeff Bennet and Darrin W. Fleming

The authors have shared their years of experience creating B2B marketing strategies for different companies and performing the role of a strategic thinker to generate the best growth ideas.

10. Copywriting for Marketing Communications by Ashley Hastings

The book aims to educate the B2B marketers about the benefits of employing high-quality copywriting strategies in order to reflect your product features and also to evoke genuine interest in your target audience.

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