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Top 50 Game Changers in Business

AnonymousBy Yogita Malik Arora 7 years ago
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New ideas for innovative products and businesses are formed every day, yet few successfully disrupt their respective field. The execution of an idea can be as important as the idea itself, and the people who drive the execution are, in effect, the critical success factor. We identified some of the top game changers in business, whose innovations are changing our lives, companies, and the field of business altogether. Below is our list of the Top 50 Game Changers in Business who, we believe, have made a lasting impact in their respective fields, and in business as a whole.

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1. Hayley Barna & Katia Beauchamp: Co-Founders of Birchbox, Changed how we discover and obtain beauty products
2. Jeff Bezos: Founder & CEO of Amazon, Changed how we buy products online and how quickly they are delivered
3. Tracey Bleczinski: VP of Consumer Products at NFL, Changed NFL’s approach to marketing to women
4. Neil Blumenthal, David Gilboa, Andrew Hunt & Jeffrey Raider: Founders of Warby Parker, Changed what we pay for designer glasses by cutting out the middle man
5. Richard Branson: Founder of Virgin Group, Changed multiple facets of our lives by building an incredible conglomerate from a simple record label
6. Sergey Brin & Larry Page: Founders of Google, Changed how we search
7. Ursula Burns: CEO of Xerox, Changed the world’s view on who can be a CEO when she became the first African-American woman to head a Fortune 500 company
8. Garrett Camp: Co-Founder of StumbleUpon, Changed how we browse the Internet and discover web pages
9. James Carnes: Head of Global Design for Adidas, Changed the quality of athletic shoes (and designed the official 2014 World Cup ball!)
10. Perry Chen: Co-Founder & CEO of Kickstarter, Changed how we fund our projects through crowdsourcing
11. Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, & Jawed Karim: Co-Founders of YouTube, Changed how we digitally share and discover videos
12. Sheryl Connelly: Corporate Futurist at Ford, Changed how we drive, particularly in terms of the safety features of our cars
13. Jack Dorsey: Co-Founder of Twitter & Founder of Square, Changed how we post and communicate online, and how people pay small businesses
14. Paul English & Steve Hafner: Co-Founders of Kayak.com, Changed how we book our travel
15. Daniel Ek: Co-Founder of Spotify, Changed how we discover and listen to music
16. Rand Fishkin: Founder of Moz.com & Inbound.org, Changed the ease with which companies can learn about and implement Inbound Marketing
17. Jennifer Fleiss & Jennifer Hyman: Co-Founders of Rent the Runway, Changed online dress retail by allowing customers to rent the apparel instead of buy it
18. Bill Gates: Co-Founder & CEO of Microsoft, Changed the use of software and personal computers
19. Reed Hastings: Co-Founder & CEO of Netflix, Changed how we watch TV shows and movies
20. Reid Hoffman: Co-founder of LinkedIn, Changed how we create and maintain business connections
21. Don Hofmann, Colin Kroll, & Rus Yusupov: Founders of Vine, Changed how we create and share videos
22. Tony Hsieh: CEO of Zappos.com, Changed how we find and buy our shoes online, and redefined customer service
23. Jonathan Ive: Senior Vice President of Design at Apple, Changed the look and feel of our mobile phones, computers, tablets, and music players
24. Steve Jobs: Co-Founder & CEO of Apple, Changed the personal computer, music, media, and mobile phone industries, and redefined what a “great product” is
25. Rob Kalin: Co-Founder of Etsy, Changed how we buy and sell DIY products online
26. Travis Kalanick: Co-Founder & CEO of Uber, Changed vehicular transportation & the taxicab industry
27. Ingvar Kamprad: Founder of IKEA, Changed our furniture shopping experience
28. David Karp: Founder of Tumblr, Changed how we blog
29. Andrew Kortina & Iqram Magdon-Ismail: Founders of Venmo, Changed how we pay people back
30. Mike Krieger & Kevin Systrom: Co-Founders of Instagram, Changed how we edit and share our photos
31. Aaron Levie: Co-Founder & CEO of Box.com, Changed how companies store their data
32. Matt Maloney: Co-Founder & CEO of GrubHub, Changed how food is ordered and delivered
33. Hilary Mason: Data Scientist behind Bitly, Changed how we link online
34. Alexis Maybank & Alexandra Wilkis Wilson: Co-Founders of Gilt Groupe, Changed what we pay for our fashion merchandise
35. Liz Muller: Director of Global Concept Design at Starbucks, Changed our coffee experience – all over the world
36. Elon Musk: Co-Founder PayPal; CEO of Tesla & SpaceX; Changed how we pay, how we drive, and how we fly (in space)
37. Isabelle Olsson: Lead Designer for Google Glass, Changed how we can access the Internet
38. Pierre Omidyar: Founder of eBay, Changed consumer-to-consumer sales online
39. James Park: CEO & Founder of Fitbit, Changed how we track our exercise
40. Jonah Peretti: Founder of BuzzFeed, Changed how social content is shared, and redefined what it means to “go viral”
41. Eric Ries: Author of the Lean Startup, Changed the framework for how startup companies allocate their resources
42. Reshma Saujani: Founder & CEO of Girls Who Code, Changed who has access to computer science education
43. Dharmesh Shah: Co-Founder & CTO of HubSpot, Changed how companies deliver inbound marketing and track the results
44. Nate Silver: Creator of FiveThirtyEight, Changed how we use statistical analysis to investigate political, economic, scientific, and sports-related topics
45. Evan Spiegel: Co-Founder of Snapchat, Changed how we send and share pictures
46. Jerry Stoppelman: Co-Founder & CEO of Yelp, Changed how we discover and review local businesses
47. Chuck Templeton: Co-Founder of OpenTable, Changed how we make reservations and our overall dining experience
48. Tim Westergren: Co-Founder of Pandora, Changed how we listen to and discover music by enhancing Internet radio
49. Jason Wilson: Lead Product Designer at Pinterest, Changed how we visually discover products, recipes, trip ideas, and more
50. Mark Zuckerberg: Co-Founder & CEO of Facebook, Changed how we connect and share online

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