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Transforming People Strategy

AnonymousBy Charlotte Blacklock 6 years ago
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The internet today is flooded with statistics, studies, and anecdotes around the importance of employee engagement and people strategy for organizations today. Studies show that lack of employee engagement can pose severe costs to companies. The U.S. economy loses as much as $370 billion per year due to disengagement, as employees are not as productive, driven, or high performing. Lack of employee engagement also leads to high turnover rates, costing companies thousands of dollars each year. Because employee engagement is such a critical factor in business, there are numerous methods and tools available for gauging and driving better employee engagement.

A New Way of Handling Employee Engagement & People Strategy

We’ve written about employee engagement methods before, and we’ve also written about passive measures of engagement. With 9Lenses software, leaders can drive employee engagement by first capturing organizational intelligence to thoroughly understand employee opinions and perceptions and then designing solutions around that intelligence. To help you understand exactly how it works, we’ve published a case study about one of our top-tier consulting clients, who used 9Lenses to drive people strategy improvement.

Case Study:Top-Tier Consulting Firm Uses 9Lenses to Rapidly Capture Data and Create an Actionable Plan for Driving People Strategy

Leadership in a division of a premier management consulting firm needed to make changes in its people strategy, due to discontent among employees around skill alignment and job satisfaction. In order to ensure they made the right strategic changes, the leaders needed detailed insight from employees.

Surveys and Anecdotes Failed to Provide Sufficient Insights

The firm used a company-wide survey to gauge employee engagement every two years, but the survey was too broad to gather the specific insight that the division leaders needed. The division also possessed anecdotal evidence collected from managers, but this evidence did not provide enough detail and depth. Leaders could not be confident that they were making the right changes, and they were limited in their ability to create an immediate action plan.

“Before 9Lenses, a lot of [the data] was anecdotal from different career managers…That didn’t really give us enough detail[s] for us to figure out a game plan…[9Lenses] gave us a really good way of taking the feedback and figuring out an action plan.”

~ Division Director

Division leaders wanted a solution that allowed them to gather deeper insights in a more efficient manner than surveys and anecdotal data allowed. They turned to 9Lenses to collect the data necessary to make the right people strategy changes.

The division director identified 10 areas on which to focus, including development opportunities, communication, and culture of trust. He then used the 9Lenses software platform to interview 1600 employees on those areas over a period of 10 days, collecting over 80,000 data points.

The Consulting Firm Created an Actionable Plan for Improving People Strategy

Using the 9Lenses analytics platform, the division leaders identified four major themes from the data. They put together a tiger team and created a detailed action plan for driving people strategy change. Of the recommendations the tiger team made, 75% were sourced directly from participants in the 9Lenses interview. Leadership then socialized the plan to employees through town hall meetings and roundtable discussions to further validate the findings.

The insight collected using 9Lenses software allowed division leaders to move forward with the confidence that their recommendations for changing people strategy were optimal.

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