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Turning Authors into Consultants – Never Waste Business Books [Slideshare]

AnonymousBy Josh Schow 7 years ago
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All too often, business books go to waste because leaders cannot determine how to act on the content they read. Because leaders have difficulty putting the books’ content into action, authors cannot demonstrate to leaders how the insights of their books can be used effectively. Consequently, authors are unable to demonstrate the validity of their books’ conclusions. One way to solve this difficulty is by turning authors into consultants.

Authors can test their concepts on business leaders by interviewing the leaders who read the books. The result is that the business leaders have the opportunity to use the book’s insights to evaluate real-world scenarios, and the authors are able to validate the conclusions of their books.

Take a look at the slideshare to see how turning authors into consultants can assist authors in both validating their findings and helping leaders act on their insights.


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