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The Virtual Interview – A way great to gather employee intelligence for decision-making

AnonymousBy Edwin Miller 6 years ago
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This article originally appeared on Examiner.com

It’s often been said, and by the most successful execs, that employees know what the problems are before anyone else does and even know the solutions – but they are never asked until it is too late. That has changed.

9Lenses is a software platform that acts as a comprehensive business map because “somewhere, someone knows something better than anyone else and that person has to be asked,” says Edwin Miller, CEO of 9Lenses, a Washington DC-Metro startup that is fine-tuning the process of executive decision-making for today’s organizations.

“We start by educating our customers about the best practices behind the art and science of questioning,” says Miller who has coined the phrase “virtual interview” to define the process of the 9Lenses organizational intelligence gathering. “By effectively asking, collecting and quickly analyzing employee and other stakeholder insights – we are giving today’s business leaders access to actionable information,” says Miller. The 9Lenses process enables consultants and HR executives to improve and even perfect decisions leading to a better business bottom line.

Different from a survey that usually gathers surface level insights mainly through simple yes or no, or rank your experience questions, 9Lenses takes into account different points of views and deeper insights across company divisions and supply chains. According to Miller, the 9Lenses platform is designed to make the “question asker” think hard about the interview questions.

The structure forces the author(s) of an interview to think from multiple angles, both quantitatively and qualitatively, about any topic. Every topic that is covered in the interview touches 13 different variables.

By doing this, executives can ask questions that give them the ability to eventually see gaps they’ve missed in the past and better streamline processes. Through the real-time analytics in the 9Lenses software platform, executives can determine the best “way-forward” needed in staffing, training, equipment, routes, locations, software, marketing, and so on.

“Not only will 9Lenses collect and interpret data at lightning speed – but it has the ability to mean something when it comes to the growth trajectory of companies.” Miller is also working with HR execs who use 9Lenses for measuring misalignment of teams and gauging levels of employee engagement. “The answers lie in the knowledge of your workforce,” says Miller. “Ask for it, get it, and use it!”

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